Monday, 25 May 2009

Boy Genius - Blame Love

Boy Genius are from New Yoik, don't you know, and have been described as the "quintessential American college rock band." Please! Come back! They're much better than that.

Blame Love is a punchy, confident, humdinger of a song. Lying somewhere between Lloyd Cole, The Chesterfields and Jonathan Richman it's the sort of spunky little bruiser that you can imagine bouncing around to at a gig, or, indeed, miming along to in front of the mirror as you're getting ready to go out for the night. It moves, it grooves, it, ermm... proves (sorry, went a bit Keane there) that you don't have turn your guitars up to 11 and a half to make ace music these days, and that Boy Genius have pop coursing through their veins AS WE SPEAK.

Have a gleg at the band's myspace page for details on ordering the single

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