Friday, 15 May 2009

Indiepop for free - Saturday 16th May

I'll use the hundredth post on my blog for blatant spamming.

If you come down to Sumac on Gladstone Street tomorrow night (Saturday) you'll get to see Northern Portrait, Red Shoe Diaries, Horowitz and Electric Pop Group for free. Well, I might ask you quietly for a donation at some point during the night so that our Scandinavian friends can keep themselves in crispbread, but apart from that you can take advantage of the heroically cheap bar at Sumac, and generally revel in the altogether friendly atmosphere the place emits.

Hope to see you there.

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String Bean Jen said...

Oh, Sam, I am really kicking myself for not planning better to come up for this. I knew about it (obviously) and have been crazy for Northern Portrait, so what the hell was I thinking?!

I looked at train fares yesterday and they were exorbitant. It's just a 2 hour train journey from London, but a 4 hour journey from Fareham. I really should have planned to stay another night in London. I'm so sorry. :-(

I do hope it's a fab night. At least Northern Portrait will be gorgeous and brilliant.