Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Colour Me Wednesday

Colour Me Wednesday are from Uxbridge, and if I've heard a better new band this year then I've been lying to myself.

Colour Me Wednesday are (probably) frighteningly young, but then that means they make the sort of cocksure pop music that makes me shiver a bit.

I know next to zero about this band, other than to thank the anorak forum for making me aware of them. I want them to come and play in Nottingham pretty much every night of the week for the rest of the year.

Everything about this song - from the title right down to the toy drums is perfect. I demand you play it around 20-25 times in a row.

If, by some miracle, the band read this - then please get in touch sharpish. I'm deeply EXCITED.

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Hat said...

Hi, this is Harriet from Colour Me Wednesday (the guitarist) my friend just informed me you wrote this blog. Really means a lot, so glad you enjoy our music :D We're recording our album soon and if you give me your contact details I'm sure we could send you a copy. Here's my email h.doveton@gmail.com do get in contact x