Monday, 14 November 2011

Kissing Orca Team on the face

Just when I thought I could relax and spend the rest of the year listening to old records again, along comes Orca Team's 'Kissing Cousins' ep to keep me on my toes.

Don't even listen to anyone who mentions The bloody B*ach Boys in the same sentence as Orca Team - for they are talking massive amounts of nonsense. Oraca Team make dark surf pop, and 'Kissing Cousins' is a 21st Century death disc masterpiece.

Orca Team have clearly been brought up on a deeply healthy diet of John Waters films and obscure '60s surf bands. The singer sounds like a young Ian McCullloch in parts, and all of these things thrown together over eight bursts of woozy pop perfection makes for one of the records of this year, last year - of any year.

I'm still too wrapped up in this record to offer an kind of reasoned critique of why it's completely essential, suffice to say that it just is.

Also, if this isn't the coolest thing you've ever seen, then you have kitten piss for blood.

This is a band that clearly likes its shorts, and I'm totally cool with that.

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