Saturday, 10 March 2012

That was the week that was

I've been all over the shop this week (well, Birmingham and Manchester), but I've heard so much exciting new music that there's hardly been a day recently when I've not though: well, go to the bottom of my stairs; as if these lot aren't my favourite new band.

I don't really think like that. I'm not Ena Sharples. Not yet.

First up, Joanna Gruesome. That name is the first thing you should love them for.

The next thing is this; six tracks of the sweetest, noisy pop music you're likely to hear. I want them desperately to come and play our all-dayer in September, or before. I hope they somehow read this, or the desperately shy email I sent them and grant me my wish.

Young Romance are from London, and have receiving rave reviews from them what's in the know down there. I've put off listening them for a while for fear of being let down - something which i'm sure happens to us all - but their coyly-named 'Bedroom Demos' is a thrilling game of two halves: one swashbuckling pop triumph; t'other sweet and introspective. I want both of their children without any gas, air or lager.

Next, Rex or Regina, from Florida, who plough the same furrow as Evans the Death with a touch of The Meeting Places thrown in. They're playing in Orlando tonight, but I can't get a babysitter and I'm thousands of miles away in Nottingham, which is a shame because they're pretty wonderful.

Lastly, those spunky Tigercats have released a quite amazing video to accompany their forthcoming single 'Full Moon Reggae Party'. If you don't fall in love with the hero of this little film you have a heart made of stone and a brain to match.

I'm off to the listen to some new Strawberry Whiplash songs.

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