Sunday, 4 March 2012

All day, and most of the night

I'm still reeling a little bit from the magic that Shrag, Tunabunny and Horowitz brought to The Chameleon on Friday night. I didn't even have a hangover yesterday, despite drinking my own bodyweight in cheap lager for the entire evening. Perhaps euphoria is the best way to avoid feeling like death. Which sort of goes without saying...

A big thanks to all three bands on Friday, all those that came down for the gig (except the twat in the jacket, jeans and boating shoes who came leering at woman all night, but who didn't quite have the balls to shout "get your tits out" too loudly. What a fucking hero you are) and to Mike from Happy Happy Birthday to Me records who piled me high with records... and a Sourpatch mug! You really are a hero.

Owards! This year's Nottingham pop all-dayer will be on Saturday 29th September at The Chameleon in Nottingham. This is the fifth year of the all-dayer which started after taking some inspiration from a really drunk few hours at the London all-dayer in 2007. I have no idea where it was, but I remember The Cut-Outs being excellent.

Enough of the drunken reverie, because we've already got some bands booked for the all-dayer in September. They are: Standard Fare; The Whatevers, The Hobbes Fanclub; Sock Puppets and Tigercats. There'll be five more bands, and it'll be £12 to get in again. We're not doing tickets up front, because we can't afford to, so it'll be pay on the door. And we promise it won't as hot as it was last year, so those of a fragile constitution might be able to wear their cardigan all the way through this time around.

Oh, and Tobi from Riots Not Diets will be DJing for us.

Right now, I'm off to tuck into that new Sourpatch LP.

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a fog of ideas said...

I've yet to write up my report of Friday night but I was worried that strange man would figure too highly so I'll chunter on about him here, I didn't really notice him until Shrag were on and then I was intrigued by him for most of their set... he seemed to want to be all lairy and leery and he seemed to struggle to contain it, I think he had taken of drink... he seemed to half want to have fun and enjoy himself and half want to tell us what twats we were for liking this music and enjoying ourselves and then another half (never been good at maths) wanted to be all sexually suggestive... it didn't help that he looked like freddie fisher from off big brother who I'd thankfully forgotten about until reading this adam curtis blog ( a week or so ago... I don't want to disparage anyone but he was a bit of an arse... I think it was only a few people that noticed him because he was so meek in being a dick, I was intrigued by the inner struggle he was clearly going through... clinically fascinating, but it saves time to just call him a 'dick', granted