Saturday, 16 June 2012

Bart and Friends - There May Come a Time (Matinee Recordings)

There have been times when Matinee releases have managed to get me through some pretty rough hours and days, and so it seems that Bart and Friends - whose records have done pretty much the same - should finally find their home there.

Bart Cummings's latest mates include the incomparable Pam Berry, Mark Monone of The Lucksmiths and various members of feted groups such as Mid State Orange and The Zebras, and they serve up five memorable janglepop treats here. Along with a pretty awful cover of Elvis's 'Can't Help Falling in Love' of which we will speak no more.

When you've got tracks as chocolate-y as 'A Kiss You Won't forget, which combines the effortless grace of Berry's vocals with a guitar line straight from 'Johnny Marr: the early years', then you'll never be alone.

Of similar worth is 'These Words Are Too Small', a song which glides by far too quickly. An ode to stuttering amour, this is surely one of the finest love songs you'll hear for many year. Truly heartbreaking stuff.

Lastly, 'A Summer's Dream' appears again on this ep, but that's not a grumble, more another chance to hear it all again in its downbeat majesty.

You can listen to 'There May Come a Time' here, and buy the EP of the same name here


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