Monday, 13 August 2012

Happy Christmas from Nottingham

Whilst I'm wandering around in a daze at how brilliant the upcoming Tender Trap album is, I thought I'd better tell you about a Christmas party we're putting together in Nottingham.

After falling completely in love with Young Romance (only half apt) at Indietracks this summer, I've invited them to come and play in Nottingham and they've only gone and accepted. Joining them are the lovely feedback pop of Fever Dream and the mighty Tigercats, who are making their Nottingham debut after what seems like forever. It should be quite a party, but it clashes with the Big Pink Pop do on the same night. Sorry, you lot!

DJing will be Kevin from the Felt Tips, who also have a new album recorded to follow up 2010's ace debut.

Here's some videos of the bands:

It's gonna be ruddy brilliant.

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