Sunday, 5 August 2012

The Proctors/Apple Orchard split single (Dufflecoat/Luxury)

Dufflecoat Records, the perennial outsiders of a scene already outside of just about everything else, have been putting stuff out at an alarming rate over the last couple of years. CD-Rs have been a speciality, but this is a beautifully packaged indiepop seven inch single on vinyl so thick you want to bite it.

The Proctors have come back from the dead over the last couple of years after skirting around in the early 90s putting out some sublime pop music on Sunday Records (if my memory serves me), and it's a joy to have them back. They're even playing live these days.

Their two tracks here are probably towards what those Americans called 'dreampop', which is a fair description when it comes down to it; it's really way too upbeat to be labelled 'shoegaze'. 'Fun Sunday' is both sad and happy at the same time. The maudlin mixes with majestic, uplifiting, chiming guitars and a vocal from Margaret Calleja.

Having said that, 'Adrienne' is pure shoegaze, and could easily fit on that first, mighty Slowdive album. It brings back hours spent with in my bedroom with that record and a cheap bottle of red wine. My, I was the most bohemian man on the planet back then. Oh, yeah.

Apple Orchard are still around, and still making a quite beautiful sound. Taking their cue from the noisier stuff on later Sarah, and bands like Moose and Revolver, theirs is a dirtier, less glacial pop sound, but none less brilliant. 'Not This Time' fair grinds along, but it's 'The Early Riser' which shines brightest, with its carefree, lolling guitar riff and almost funky drums. It's way better than I've made it sound, don't worry.

I've got a few more new Dufflecoat releases to listen to over the next few days. If they're all as good as this one, I'm in for a treat. So are you, like.

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