Saturday, 2 February 2013


Well, where did this band come from? It seems almost a tiresome cliche to be obsessed with Scandinavia in indiepop circles these days, but when self-obsessed Scandophiles Finnmark make admit to it you really don't mind, so brilliant are their first three songs.

Finnmark. from Leeds, make darkly, desperate, romantic pop music teeters on the precipice between soaring off into the sky and falling down in a hopeless heap. There's no magic formula at work here, just a seemingly innate ability to write almost dreamlike pop.

The pick of the three for me is 'Through a Glass Darkly', which I presume is more about the Swedish film than the biblical reference, as the lyrics hint more than once at the plot. Alluring doesn't quite cover it.

If Finnmark aren't this year's next big/little thing on the indiepop scene, I'll start believing that Scandinavian social democracy really is the cure-all some people seem to think it is. Make this band your next port of call in the meantime.

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