Wednesday 20 February 2013

The Fireworks - The Fireworks ep (Shelflife)

The debut single by The Fireworks has been much-anticipated around these parts. Whilst there might only be one track available to listen to on Shelflife's website, it's the track of their lives. And yours.

'Higher and Higher' might echo the sounds of The Flatmates, Shop Assistants, early-JAMC and the rest, but it's pop music that is very much in the NOW. It's a song that races through your veins - the sort of thing you'll hear in a club (if you still go to clubs) and immediately race to the dancefloor to enjoy two and half minutes of pure pop adrenaline.

This song aches with vitality. It makes most of the rest of what's around at the moment seem like adolescent dicking about. I'm in danger of going over the top here, but if the other three tracks on this record are of the standard of 'Higher and Higher' then this could be a very important release indeed. That sentence sounds a bit mucky.

The song ends with feedback that sounds like a couple of cats fighting. We need more of this urgent kind of pop music in our lives. We need more songs that end with the sound of cats scrapping. We need more of The Fireworks.

You can listen to 'Higher and Higher' and pre-order The Fireworks ep at the Shelflife website.


Anonymous said...

Nice review - but you're in danger of disappearing up your own arse there my lad. "important release", "vitality" - really? Did you listen to the right track? Derivative dirge more like - likely to go nowhere except on your very own mp3 player...

A layer of chips said...

Ah, well I totally disagree. There are a lot of "nice" singles being released, but I think this one is important. It sounds important to me, anyway. I did listen to the right track (the only one available on the Shelflife website), and I think it's a fantastic song.
You obviously don't agree with me - and that absolutely fine, of course! Thanks for taking time to read the blog.

Aaron said...

Pity the US postal rates are so high these days (EP $5 Post $12.75!!), have to make do with the MP3's.
A good release, kind of nostalgic but still current.