Sunday, 19 May 2013

Ally Kerr - Man's Man (Much Obliged Records)

The phrase 'singer-songwriter' often strikes fear into the heart of your author, throwing up visions of a terribly earnest, old-before-time 25 year old in a beard and checked shirt. And so, it is with some pleasure that Ally Kerr reclaims the phrase for pop music.

'Man's Man' worms its way into your brain not through stealth, but by being a glittering piece of persuasive pop that manages, in two and half minutes, to sashay serenely into your life using the most beautiful harmonies, a picked guitar and - yes - some brass. It's hard not to love, really.

B-side 'Everything I've Learned I've Forgotten' is just as good - perhaps even better. Remember when Belle and Sebastian genuinely said something about your life, rather than disappearing up their own backsides? That's the sound of 'Everything I've Learned...', and it's just about perfect.

'Man's Man' has a deliciously self-deprecating video to go with it. Here you go...

'Man's Man' is out tomorrow on Much Obliged Records.

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