Saturday, 11 May 2013

Without Feathers

Indiepop supergroup, madam? Okay, well here's Without Feathers and their three track demo of delightfully stripped back, delicate, almost naive pop songs.

Without Feathers are, of course, Nat Johnson from the much-missed Monkey Swallows the Universe (amongst others), Norwich's Rory McVicar and Emma Cooper from still-warm-in-their-box Standard Fare. Between them, the trio make a gentle noise that reminds this listener of The Harvest Ministers - and that's no bad thing.

Apparently, Without Feathers (presumably named after the Woody Allen book) went down a storm at the recent Odd Box Weekender, and we'd be a fool not to get them to play in Nottingham quite soon. In the meantime, sit down, put your most comfortable pants on, and have a listen to the demo.

1 comment:

Aaron said...

This is great, everyone give them a few quid for the demo!