Sunday, 22 February 2009

The Grave Architects - Highway be true (Fortuna Pop!)

Yee-haww! The Grave Architects are back, with a distinctly Richman-flavoured single. Not being a big Jonathan Richman fan, it's sometimes hard understand why Matt Williams wants to sound so much like him when he sings, but there are worse people to sound like, I suppose. Bonnie Tyler, for example.

Highway be True is a country and western stomper that would have line dancers anywhere doing that thing with their belt loops, whilst on t'other side, Love TBC sounds like something from a John Waters film, and drops deliciously into a doo-wop section, before exploding into some heavy ROCK near the end.

The Grave Architects remain something of an enigma. Live they're pretty brilliant (and funny), but on record I sometimes don't get it. Maybe that's my problem and not theirs.

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