Saturday, 14 February 2009

Lorna - Writing down things to say (Words on Music)

Lorna are Nottingham's lost band. Hardly ever playing locally, and disappearing for years at a time. Yet they've resrufaced with a lovely album called Writing Down Things to Say on the usually-excellent Words on Music Records.

It's sometimes trite to say that bands are versatile, but on this album, the band's fourth, Lorna take in folk-pop, chamber music, indiepop and country. It reminds me a little of Nei Halstead's excellent Sleeping on Roads album from a few years back.
Lorna manage the impossible; they make a Sebadoh song listenable. And not just listenable, but genuinely moving, with Sharon Cohen Rolfe's crystal voice soaring above the most simple of strings.

Elsewhere, (I wish I knew) How to Build a Home is almost comforting in its elegance, and features bleeps and bloops that rise it above the usual business.

This is a lovely album to listen to on cold winter nights like these, and when, like me, you'd forgotten Lorna exist at all, it's a record that reminds you that its not always those who shout loudest who make the best noise.

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