Friday, 10 July 2009

"I like indiepop. I don't care what you call it."

I thought today was going to be absolutely rubbish, what with having to get a train to Manchester at 6.40am that just got busier and busier and more stressful as it went on, but then I read this on anorak, and some of it didn't half make me chuckle (if you start about half way, you get the general picture).

Some of it was very eloquent of course, and amongst the male-dominated tug fest came a ray of light from Colin Clary who said something like: "I like indiepop. I don't care what you call it." Which sums it up nicely for me. If only I could get into The Smittens though...

Anyway, there's plenty of Sensitive Indie news around.

First up is that Art Brut have been named as the remaining headliner for Indietracks. The schedule is now up on their website now, so you can have a really good moan about which bands are clashing, and why the festival wasn't designed with your specific needs in mind.

Secondly, my friend - and probably yours - Pete Green has made his and his Juggernaut's excellent new version of 'Hey, Dr Beeching' available for download. All proceeds go to some train hospital in Lincolnshire, or something. It says on there, anyway.

Lastly, and never leastly, the mighty Standard Fare are set to release their debut album on Thee SPC this autumn, and I've had the honour of hearing both the Lucksmiths-y 'Be Into Us' and 'Married', which is a proper old weepy. You're all in for a treat when the record comes out, believe me.

More Bedsit Pop news on the hour, every hour. Cuddle me to the core.


Dennis said...

The link that's supposed to take us to anorak is leading me to the Standard Fare myspace. Now I will never know what you wanted to show us. Nah, I do of course. And I like Standard Fare, so it's good. Album!

A layer of chips said...

Rats! I've changed it now. Thanks, Dennis. I was half asleep when I did that last night.

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