Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Weirdly brilliant

I'm off to see Mark Hibbett perform his Dinosaur Planet stand-up, cabaret fandango tomorrow night at Lee Rosy's. Normally, I'd hate that kind of thing, but because it's Hibbett is sort of seems to make it seem right - much like most times Mark plays in Nottingham really.

Which sort of leads me to why I'm here. It seems there's real excitement building for Indietracks now, and there's people all over Europe descending onto this tiny little piece of land in Derbyshire for a weekend. It shouldn't really work. People will go somewhere like Butterley because they feel they can't do otherwise. Similarly, Hibbett will go and play to 15 people on a Thursday evening in Nottingham, because he somehow feels that it's really the most important thing to do right then.

I can't work out if that's weird or brilliant. Actually, it's both.

In other news, I can't work out whether I like The Cavalcade or not.

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Dennis said...

If you can't work out if you like something, it usually means you don't, doesn't it? Perhaps I'm just too uncomplicated. Although I'm finally starting to like some Lucksmiths, after having my doubts for a looong time. It's very fashionable to like a band when they die/split up, so I can't stay behind any longer now of course.