Sunday, 27 September 2009

Of Mice and Mental Arithmetic

Last night I went to see Pocketbooks and Howoritz play with Of Mice and Mental Arithmetic at the Hand and Heart in Nottingham. OMAMA are the new band of Fairy, Gemma and Sophie of The Deirdres and Tom from Lardpony and someone else. They do the same instrument swapping between songs and there is a charming display of amatuerism throughout - the same sort of thing that made The Deirdres such a disarming, delightful prospect.

Horowitz were their usual lovely, drunken pop mess, and there isn't better live band in the UK than Pocketbooks, in my opinion. And wonderfully - WONDERFULLY - OMAMA were just thrilling. Sophie remains the cutest, smiliest pop star ever, Tom got his ukelele out and Fairy sang a totally ace, punky song called 'Terminator'. ROCK.

Earlier in the evening I learnt that Fairy, late of The Deirdres and now of OMAMA is going to be the new drummer in The Pete Green Corporate Juggernaut. Stick that on the front of The Times tomorrow.

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