Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Boy Genius – Staggering (Greenpop Recordings)

Tread carefully ye who tar Boy Genius as the dreaded ‘college rock’, because there’s so much more to them and this wonderfully-crafted album than that.

‘Staggering’ has all the hallmarks of mid-90s American indie, but also draws heavily on bands like Go Betweens and Orange Juice and even early REM at times. I’m not one to call albums ‘classical’, but this is one that draws from just about every cool influence and mixes them up just about right. However, it’s neither a blind copy nor some kind of homage – more an amalgamation of your record collection.

What’s more, the band wanted this to sound so timeless that they’ve refused to release it on CD. You can only buy it on vinyl or on one of those new fangled download things, which I daren’t ever explore.

Boy Genius would go down a storm in the church at Indietracks, and I believe they’re on the waiting list should anyone drop out. Could this be my chance to maim an indiepop band already booked? I don’t think I’ll get a better one. Suggestions on a postcard, please.


Arrowhead Vintage said...

They're wonderful live! I hope you get to see them soon!

Becky said...

boy genius = AMAZING! catchiest cd ever.