Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Popfests. Thousands of 'em.

This week, of course, is all about London Popfest. But now it seems that whatever corner of world you live in, then you too can start drinking too early, miss half the bands, and spend way too much on t-shirts that won't fit you in a couple of year's time.

Added to the established US popfests in San Francisco, Athens and New York are two new European ones, in Copenhagen and, wonderfully, Rome.

Now, I'm not the greatest traveller in the world, but I'd kiss Anne Widdecombe on the mouth to go to a popfest in Rome. With tongues, and everything.

As it happens, I'll have to make do with getting ridiculously excited about getting the National Express down to London on Saturday morning.

Support your local popfest, people!

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