Monday, 24 May 2010

Getting sweaty with Betty (and the Werewolves)

Hey! Whilst I try and do something to stop me melting in this heat, I don't think I told you that Betty and the Werewolves are now confirmed for our all-dayer in Nottingham on September 25th, did I?

Well, they are. Hurray! I'd like to think the gig will be to celebrate the two year anniversary of their debut single, 'Euston Station'. Here, have a look at this.

There will be one or two more bands to announce, and if we see anyone we fall in love with at Indietracks (or before) we might extend the whole thing and put something on on the Friday night, too. But that sounds hopelessly ambitious.

Back to sitting on the top shelf of the fridge for me.

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