Tuesday, 4 May 2010

There and back again with Standard Fare

Remember where you were when you first heard 'How Soon is Now', or 'Sensitive' or 'Barbie Girl'? I remember where I was when I first heard Standard Fare's 'Philadelphia'. I first listened to the best song written about cream cheese ever in my office at work about two years ago when I was, staring into the nurse's college across the road (not like that, you mucky pup) writing a particularly dull article about venture capitalism. As if there could be any other kind of article...

I turned the volume on my computer up, loosened my tie and flippin' nearly wet myself.

Two years and one remarkable album on, the 'Fare are releasing this big, bold oompah bastard as a single, and it better go to number one on seventeen planets, or else. You can get it on 12 July, but before that, here's the video.

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