Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Slow Down Tallahassee are dead...

... long live Slow Down Tallahassee. 'Cos whilst Sheffield's finest architects of surprisingly dark pop music are now more, there's a new, second album out soon on Thee SPC that serves as a fitting tribute to one of indiepop's most underrated bands of the last three or four years.

Indietracks might be a (relatively) big sprawling beast these days, but back in 2007, Slow Down Tallahassee were one of the first bands to play the festival, on that platform at Swanwick on a lovely, sunny day.

I'll review 'Curly Cuh' later in the week when life isn't getting in the way, but first impressions are that it's up there with debut album 'The Beautiful Light'.

Nicola from the band says: “Lyrically this is our death album; we couldn't have gone anywhere else after ‘Saturday’, so it makes a kind of artistic sense to us that it is released posthumously.” 

Which is fair enough, isn't it? In the meantime, good luck Nicola, Richard and Claire and thank you.

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