Sunday, 23 January 2011

Standard Fare on One Happy Island

New Standard Fare tracks are usually devoured pretty quickly 'round these parts, so it's nice to see that the band have a split single with One Happy Island out on Thee SPC next week.

Standard Fare cover One Happy Island's 'Kudzu Girlfriend', turning it into a great power pop song. But it's the new song here that thrills me the most. 'You Can Wait' is part rockabilly, part almost-ska. It deals, like so many great Standard Fare songs, in the minutiae of relationships telling the tale of the stifling boredom of domesticity, whilst harbouring a wish to travel around the world. We've all been there, right?

On the flip of this EP, One Happy Island come along and strip 'Night With a Friend' right back and turn into a slightly spooky lullaby, whilst their own new song 'China Fair' which twists and turns all over the place and has certain echoes of Pocketbook's wonderful 'Falling Leaves' from a couple of years back.

You can pre-order the single from Thee SPC now.

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