Monday, 9 July 2012

Once more

I'm too tired, busy with work and emotional to write about another amazing Indietracks weekend just now, suffice to say I'm not quite sure what I did with my Julys before it all first happened.

I've spent all day reading the reports of everyone who went, and how they're feeling that numbing pang that it's all over again. I went to work in a FOUL mood this morning, knowing that it's a whole year until I get to see some of the best bands in the world play to some of my best friends.

But! Tomorrow night we're going to do it all one more time with feeling, because The Smittens, Standard Fare and August Actually are playing at The Chameleon for us. I'm expecting a quiet affair, so why not turn up and surprise me.

Right now, I've got some serious moping to do. There'll be a proper ramble at Indietracks 2012 over the next couple of days (how can you wait?).

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