Thursday, 14 February 2013

Just Handshakes - London Bound

Ah, how they've grown. From mere striplings peddling sometimes-ace, sometimes-average indiepop two years ago, Just Handshakes (they've dropped We're British, it seems) have come back with a song that fair screams "We've arrived!", and not just in London.

This single, which is being made available as a free download on 18th February, is a taster for debut album 'Say It', out on Bleeding Gold later this year. If they sound as half as good as 'London Bound', then we're in for a treat.

I can't work out whether it starts out by sounding like 'I Could be Happy' by Altered Images, or 'Ceremony by New Order. I'm assured by those older and wise that it's the New Order song. From them on it just flies, with crackling, crashing drums, a big, dirty guitar solo, and a vocal that's so very happy to sing a long with it all.

It's joyous, to be honest - the sort of song you want to be listening to as your train speeds through the countryside towards the one you love, or the night out you've been looking forward to for weeks. It's Just Handshakes coming of age.

Here, have a listen...

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Aaron said...

Not really given this lot much of a listen in the past, but this is a great track.