Thursday, 4 July 2013

Nottingham pop all-dayer: One out, one in

It is with a heavy heart that the ace September Girls can no longer play the Nottingham Pop All-Dayer on 14th September. The band are busy recording their debut album, and it seems unfair to make them come all this way to sleep on a Travelodge floor, so we gave them the night off to finishing some things called "overdubs"... whatever that means.

Stand by your beds, though, because Glasgow's mighty Felt Tips have only gone and taken their place. Jump into their grave as quick, would they?

BUT SERIOUSLY FOLKS, The Felt Tips are great (as if you didn't know already know that). So, make sure you get your ticket before anyone else does.

The line-up (with one band yet to be added) now reads:

The Proctors
Fever Dream
Allo Darlin
The Fireworks
The Felt Tips
The Flatmates

w/ Big Pink Cake DJs

1 comment:

scooterboy said...

I am literally wetting myself about this. Roll on September!

Don't stop Indie Pop!