Wednesday 14 October 2009

Besties RIP

You've probably read the obituaries already, and I won't add much more, but The Besties have decided to go their separate ways. They leave behind them a bunch of amazing records, and some truly memorable shows.

As I rattle on about incessantly to anyone - alive or dead - who happens to be in front of me, the most exciting gig I've ever organised was their show with A Smile and a Ribbon and a nascent (where they ever anything else?) Deirdres right after Indietracks 2007. This sounds schmaltzy and saccharine, but that night will live with me for the rest of my life, and I don't think I'm along in thinking that.

Those of you fortunate enough to be in New York in December can catch all the fun of a Besties show two last times, culminating in a mighty bill on 6 December. Details, along with a the band's good bye message below. Godspeed, you Besties.


So, bad news first: The Besties are officially done. As happens with many awesome relationships, stuff happens and things get hard, and so you end it and remain friends and all that junk. It’s like that. We guess? Well, Kelly moved to Asheville, and Frank renewed his vows with the city of Boston. And other stuff. So there’s that.

Here’s the good news! We are playing two last shows around NYC in December, and we plan on going out with a serious bang. So sell some CDs (keep the Lemonheads ones), bodily fluids or organs for plane ticket money, start hitchhiking, do whatever you need to do – let’s party! The shows are:

***Friday December 4th at Asbury Lanes in Asbury Park , NJ with The Measure, Black Wine, Psyched to Die and Night Birds. This is Jay Insult's annual b-day extravaganza and you were probably going to go anyway. Can you even believe that lineup? Makes our heads spin. ***

Sunday December 6th Final Show at Braur Falls in Brooklyn, NY with our dearest buds The Specific Heats and Bunnygrunt, who are coming ALL THE WAY FROM ST. LOUIS TO PLAY THIS SHOW!!! Holy crap! Now that's love. Plus, for any outta towners who are on the fence about coming... Psssst! Our good friends the mighty Pants Yell are playing Bruar Falls the night before (the 5th) in celebration of their new record on Slumberland. So come hang out, and make a weekend of it! We would love to see every single one of your beautiful faces there.
More good news! We have one last 7” coming out as part of the Art of The Underground single series - More details on that soon!

We also recorded a cover of "Our Days In Kansas" for the Tullycraft tribute record. Stay tuned for details!

And we have a new video up here - – so even if you miss the shows, you can watch us play ‘Helgafell’ for all eternity. This was written and directed by the lovely and talented Esther Bell. Check her out, she rules!

We are very likely more heartbroken about this than anyone – this band has shaped our lives in so many ways, and is responsible for us meeting so many incredible people and bands. Thank you so much to everyone who bought our records, came to see us play (or played with us!), set up a show for us, let us sleep on your floor, or pointed us towards the best burritos in town. You are all awesome and we love you! No sad goodbyes!

Kelly, Marisa, Frank and Rikky

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