Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Go get organised

At the risk of sounding organised, we now have a running order and stage times for the 2nd annual Nottingham indiepop all-dayer.

Naturally this will all go horribly awry and the panic will set in at around 4.35pm when I run to the front of the stage and make the throat-slitting sign at whoever is unfortunate to be playing at the time, but here goes:

10.00pm - The School
9.00pm - Just Joans
8.00pm - Mascot Fight
7.15pm - Red Shoe Diaries
6.15pm - Tender Trap
5.20pm - Standard Fare
4.30pm - The Rocky Nest
4.00pm - Elizabeth Allo Darlin'
3.30pm - Of Mice and Mental Arithmetic

Doors aare at 3pm, and all we ask of you is to get there early so not to avoid disappointment. And before we run out of change on the door. That lying, cheating Facebook is saying that over 100 people are turning up, and in hindsight selling tickets might have been the order of the day. But we like flying by the seat of pants and pushing the envelope with our shirts off. Going forward.

Only three weeks to go!


String Bean Jen said...

I love a good bit of organizing and a tight running list. Awesome.

jayen_aitch said...

Heh, we'd better pick a good song for our five minute set then.

Emma said...

I love the word 'awry'. Wish I was coming to this - looks ace Sam.

A layer of chips said...

Aww, I wish you could come, too. Can you not?

Emma said...

Nah - I've really got too much on that weekend. Next time!