Wednesday 21 October 2009

Hope not hate

It's kind of ironic that Grimsby sacked Mike Newell after a defeat to Rochdale, because although supporting Rochdale must be like stuck in some kind of footballing Groundhog Day year on year, supporting Town is never, ever dull.

Sure, you might be infuriated or depressed with the Club most of the time, but when stories like this appear, a small smile crosses your lips, and you realise that you really shouldn't be suprised if this actually happens. If your manager can throw some tea cups at you best player during a half time team talk, then simple things like employing the first female manager in the Football League are bound to happen.

Well, sadly, it won't of course. But it's brightened the afternoon up.

In the meantime, have a listen to The Blanche Hudson Weekend, which is an offshoot of Manhattan Love Suicides. I never really understood MLS, but this is ace.

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