Sunday, 22 November 2009

Fleeting moments

There's a song by Math and Physics Club called 'Weekends Away' I love so much that I had it played during my wedding. It's a pretty simple tale of getting in the car and naffing off somewhere for a, um, weekend and leaving all your troubles behind you at boring old home. And it's the story of a two fearless adventurers - one who does the driving, and one who reads the map.

As someone who doesn't know one end of a car from the other, I try and fail miserably to read the map, but it's the journey that I find most exhilarating. I was saying to someone the other day; the journey to somewhere is almost better than the actual destination - at least I think so. It's sort of like gig promotion in that I find all the arranging and technical bits and pieces leading up to putting on a gig sometimes more satisfying than the actual gig itself.

Anyway, this was the feeling I had last night as we crawled slowly through a sodden Peak District on the way to see our friends' new baby. The rain was pelting down, and the sky was an inky blue-grey - the sort you only get this time of year at 3pm in the afternoon, and the sort that makes you feel almost priveleged to be out in it, but also sheltered from it.

And then on comes 'Unloveable' and 'The Headmaster's Ritual' and finally, and wonderfully, 'Well I Wonder' by The Smiths, and the strand in your life that is missing when you go to work and then come and home and then go to bed and then get up and go to work... is complete. It's like that amazing verse in Pocketbooks' 'Fleeting Moments':

Fleeting moments are insomnia for the curious and
Untied endings are the curse of inquisitive minds
And so what’s potential,
When potential might be all you ever know?
I don’t know

And then all too soon you're home back to the washing up and two hungry cats. Life's like that, I find.

Listen to 'Weekends Away' by Math and Physics Club here.

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