Sunday, 29 November 2009

How many boyfriends?

Leeds has, from time to time, thrown up some ace indiepop bands. Think Boyracer, for example. But for one gem, you have you to wade through what seems like a million Babyshambles wannabes, and then after that you have to try and survive getting home from a gig in one of the most intimidating city centre atmospheres I've ever experienced. The latter was one of the reasons I stopped putting on gig on there.

But like a pound coin in a bucket of turds are This Many Boyfriends, a noisy, quiet, charming five piece that put me in mind of The Regulars' more frantic moments, or perhaps some of Mascot Fight's poppier episodes.

They have this ace song called 'That's What Diaries Are For', which, it wonderfully transpired, is about a Leeds self-promoter par extraordinaire who, for the sake of wanting to sound superior and IN THE KNOW, I'll not repeat here.

Anyway, I want to get these lot over to play in Nottingham very soon.

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