Saturday, 28 November 2009

London Popfest can't come too soon.

A whirlwind week at work has left me needing something to look forward to, and so it's a good news that the 2010 London Popfest looms, twinkling, on the horizon.

Last year's London Popfest was lost for me in a haze of drinking too much, too early, but I'm determined not to make the same mistake twice when this (or next, I suppose) year's event comes 'round.

London Popfest is put together by Sean at Fortuna Pop!, Marianthi and Ian of Spiral Scratch, and John at WYAIWYA - so you know you're guaranteed a blinding line-up.

Already announced for February is Rose Melberg and long, lost Swedish indiepop types Dorotea who are getting back together for a couple of shows between then and now.

I's pretty wonderful that we all have something to look forward to that doesn't involve bloody Christmas, really.


Ray said...

I spent what should've been th emoney for my niece's birthday present on buying an early bird popfest ticket. She's too young to realise so it's an all-round WIN :-D

Eric said...

The Popfest is spring in winter!!

Eurostar tickets already bought for 69€, still to book 3 nights at the Hotel Californiaaaa near St Pancras as this year.