Monday, 2 November 2009

Indiepop killed the video star

To my mind there should be more indiepop videos. I remember watching a great video called 'Carry on Disarming' that NME put together in aid of CND, that had amongst other ace clips, the video to The Bachelor Pad's 'Country Pancake'. It was something of an epiphany after being subjected to a diet Curiousity Killed the Cat videos coming out of the telly, and it made me think more indiepop bands should make videos.

Here's the Bachelor Pad video.

Of course these days, just about anyone can get their video seen what with that there YouTube and the rest, but not many bands either have the time or the money or the inclination to make something fun.

Tender Trap have, though, for their download-only single 'Fireworks', and whilst it might be slightly more high-tech than the Bachelor Pad effort up there, it's no less disarming. So, more indiepop videos, please!

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a fog of ideas said...

the chap who compiled that 'carry on disarming' video also did the 'shelter' video compilation and the 'ideal guest house' lp's/cassettes- his name was graham/graeme (I can never remember how he spelled it) and his nickname was 'beer monster'- he also put out records by 14 iced bears and kilgore trout on his thunderball records label... he was a good lad, I knew him from hanging about in harlow... the last time I saw him was in norwich... probably more information than was absolutely necessary...