Monday 14 December 2009

A Christmas gift from Moustache of Insanity

Despite the general pant wetting over the likes of 2009's superstars like Allo Darlin' and Standard Fare and Pocketbooks on this here blog, tucked away in the corners of each month have been little thrill pockets, such as Moustache of Insanity.

Okay, so that name might remind of you fucking bastard Sultans of fucking Ping, but their two-minute fizzbombs of pop reflect an altogether more canny offering. I was lucky enough to have them put a track called 'You and Things' on the first volume of 'Life Has it in for Us', and now they've gone and recorded an ep of five songs called 'Postcards to Strangers', which you can download for absolutely nowt.

Apparently, there'll be a physical copy available at some point next year, each with a different vintage postcard cover. Kitsch!

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