Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Christmas, part 2

I'm usually pretty cautious when it comes to enthusiastic people. Being a Grimsby Town supporter has made me expect the worst, and so when things go occasionally go right, well, it's a nice surprise.

That sounded a bit emo. Soz.

Anyway, there's one person who always seems enthusiastic, and that's Mark Hibbett. Either he's mainlining Sunny D into his eyeballs or his pint glass is half full of Christmas booze, or perhaps it's both. Whatever, he's made a Christmas single and video that's nearly enough to force this curmudgeon to go shopping for miseltoe. What's more, in the spirit of GEAY (gender equality a yuletide) he's made a video for the ladies, and one for the gents. What a trooper.

Oh, and James Walsh of Come Out 2 Nite will be sent to the Britpop gulag for getting hthat hammer and sickle back to front. Bourgeois scumbag.

Hey, ladies!

Oi, gents.

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