Thursday, 28 January 2010

Endless fun

There aren't many occasions when I wish I could go and dance in a disco these days, but after a day of stress at work, then you sort of need some release right?

So, you can listen to This Many Boyfriends, 'Allo Darlin', Pocketbooks, Northern Portrait, the bloody lovely Awesomelies - and you can revel in that, of course.

But blimey, crikey, just like I used to stick on a Ned's Atomic Dustbin record (what?) to bash the blues away when I was nowt but a nipper in Grimsby, then nowadays I'm lucky enough to know a song called 'Endless' by Kissamatic Lovebubbles which gives all the thrills I need.

I was lucky enough to see the outpouring of love that The Regulars gave Pete Green, but how I wish I'd seen 'Endless' played by Kissamatic Lovebubbles. The bands sound so similar, so alive and so fresh, even though they're both dead and gone.

But pop doesn't die, right?

I've might've had a drink.

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Marianthi said...

You've turned me into a blubbering mess.