Friday, 15 January 2010

Pale Sunday - Shooting Star (Matinee)

I thought Pale Sunday were long gone, and so it's a great surpise to have them back. It's also nice to know that not much has changed. There's still Gustavo's shy, slight voice, and then chiming guitars, and the melancholy melodies.

The title track is a gem, and perhaps the most commercial-sounding thing the band have ever done. The themes are still the same; unrequited love and all of that, but not many bands do it better.

The other belter here is 'Before I Found You', which reminds me, lyrically and musically, of labelmates Math and Physics Club, with a touch of Siesta's louche, lounge-pop thrown in.

'Unknown Half' closes with a tale of one night stands and other such filth. Close your ears, mother, Pale Sunday are playing.

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az said...

hi! thanks a lot for your kind comments on our latest release. you were the first on the internet to write about "shooting star". much love from Brazil! cheers!