Saturday, 9 January 2010

Remember sun

It's Saturday morning, and through the crack in the curtains I can see that Nottingham is covered with horrible, nasty, freezing snow. The central heating hasn't kicked in yet, and if I didn't have to take Ted swimming today, I'd be tempted to stay in bed all day.

It's at times exactly like this that I long for a bit of summer fun. Not that I like the heat or hot weather, but it'd be nice to walk down the street without five duffels on and without adopting a gait that betrays a clean pair of underwear.

A message on facebook catapulted me back to that performance by The Specific Heats in the church at Indietracks last year - live set that crackled with excitement and sweat and smiles, and left those packed into that corrugated iron hut wandering around afterwards, looking at each and mouthing: "Did you see that? DID YOU SEE THAT?".

It's kind of wonderful then, that deep into a horrible winter, The Specific Heats are on the Tom Robinson show tomorrow night. You can listen to the show for the whole of the next week here, and let yourself drift off to warmer, happier, damper times.

Download The Specific Heats' 'Take the Wheel'.

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