Sunday, 17 January 2010

Kissamatic Lovebubbles

The first time I heard Kissamatic Lovebubbles was in the early 2000s, or whenever it was that that Shelflife Picnic Basket international pop compilation that I always bang on about came out. The band contributed 'Total Hangover', and I was smitten.

Oddly, it was around the same time that I "met" Marianthi and we started sending each other emails about music and stuff, and I'd stuff a copy of my fanzine in the post to her every couple of months. I didn't know it then, but she was (and is) close friends with the band, having been an integral part of the fantastic, vibrant scene in Athens at the end of the last century.

I've listened to Marianthi talk about all these bands that seemingly came together all at once in Athens and I'm always filled with envy. It must've been a fantastic time.

The reason I mention all this is because there are concerted efforts to get Kissamatic Lovebubbles back together, which would be fabulous a far as I'm concerned.

Christos has made me a cd of all of the band's songs, and wrote a note on the sleeve. It says: "For three years Kissamatics rocked our world. I loved them to bits. The first time I saw them... they left my speechless!

"I think back to that and it feels timeless... the fact that I will never be able to feel like that about a set of songs again kills me. But Kissamatics still make me feel young and a bit carefree, even if I don't sport big hair anymore. For three years Kissamatics were the best noisy band in the world."


Dennis said...

Xanthi over at indefinitelyblue posted a nice Greek popmix this weekend (including Kissamatic Lovebubbles):

You may like that.

Anonymous said...

hey you.never say never ''little charmers''.one month ago, a runion live of another group pf ''this happy feeling'' label, which is called Next time Passions, took place in was a magic night...some rumors talk about a possible reunion of kissamatic...we won't stop dreming...