Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Baffin Island

I never quite know whether the Hermit Crabs are still going or not, but having been charmed by a couple of secretly ace eps and an admirable stab at a forgotten classic-style album, it seems they are.

Or they are in the form of a collaboration (maaaannn) with The Very Most. This new lash-up is called Baffin Island (named after the exact midpoint between The Hermit Crabs' home in Glasgowand The Very Most's home in Boise, Idaho.) Cute.

Anyway, Baffin Island have recorded a song for Eardrums Pop's 'Between Two Waves', called 'You Make Two Weeks Two Days'. Aww.

Sure, it might be a dead ringer for a Camera Obscura song from a couple of years ago, but there's not much wrong with that.

You can listen or download 'YMTWTD' here.

And if anyone has any news on the whereabouts and movements of The Hermit Crabs and any new stuff under their own steam, then I'd be delighted to the point of tears to find out.


Jeremy said...

Thanks for the write up. This is Jeremy from The Very Most. From what I understand, The Hermit Crabs are working on new material. I couldn't be more excited.

Also, just a small correction. Boise is in Idaho, not Ohio. :)

Yeah, it's funny how much the song sounds like Camera Obscura. We're going to do another song, and I'm going to have to consciously move away from that sound a little. :)

A layer of chips said...

Oh, crikey. Sorry, Jeremy! I'll change that. Geography never was my strong point.

And I really wouldn't worry about sounding like Camera Obscura...

Jeremy said...

Oh, I'm not. They're one of my favorites. Still, variety is the spice of life and all that.

Oh, and don't worry about the geography slipup there. We're a really small state and it's easy to make that kind of mixup. Thanks again!

String Bean Jen said...

Hey ho, that link isn't working so I went right to the MP3 page on the eardrums web site:

Nice tambourine action! And well done for producing a lovely pop sound in Boise. It's nice to find kindred spirits halfway across the world, isn't it? :-)

Jeremy said...

Yeah, it is really nice! Glad you enjoyed the song!