Saturday, 17 April 2010

Tender Trap - Girls With Guns (Fortuna Pop!)

Remember that Two Ronnies sketch where the seemingly serene all-female inhabitants on a sleepy village turned out to be evil, leather-clad KILLERS? You probably haven't got a clue what I'm going on about, but it seems Tender Trap have written the theme tune to those sketches 25 years after they were first shown on telly.

'Girls on Guns' is a sassy rockabilly number, with a surprise Duane Eddy guitar half way through that makes me, as A Man, feel a bit uneasy in his seat. Militant feminism, however, has never sounded so joyous, so I'd urge you to strap your gun to you back, burn your bra and buy this record immediately.

And if this is a signal of what's going to be on the upcoming album, then I'm going to start wearing a dress. Make for the hills, brothers.


a fog of ideas said...

do you mean 'the worm that turned'? the two ronnies serial with diana dors where all the men wore frocks and the women wore black pvc hotpants...

A layer of chips said...

That's the one, yeah! I used to think that was the height of risque when I was little.