Friday 23 April 2010

The Primitives crash Indietracks

I still remember buying The Primitives' 'Crash' in Woolies in Grimsby, thinking I was dead hip and cool walking up to the counter with it held out in front of me. However, I didn't think that over 20 years later I'd have the chance to see them at a railway station in the middle of Derbyshire.

But it has come to pass. The Primitives, post reformation, have signed up to play Indietracks in July. I've not been to any of their recent shows, relying instead of memories of them in their prime rather than trying to get all revivalist on myself and pretending it's just as exciting second time around, honest. But there have been good reviews of the shows, and if Indietracks is to have cryogenically frozen indiepop band each year, then I can think of a lot worse ones than The Primitives.

I wonder if Morrissey will turn up...

Meanwhile, there are just two weeks left to pick up Indietracks tickets at early bird discount prices. Weekend tickets are currently available at an early bird discount price of £55, and day tickets are available for £30. These prices are available until Friday 7 May.
Hurry up, youths. Buy your tickets here.

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