Sunday, 16 May 2010

Young Michelin

Young Michelin are from Aline in France. Now my French is, erm, mal, but sometimes you don't really need to know what someone's singing about to recognise a great pop song. And here's a band that proves just that.

Young Michelin combine a typically suave version of French pop, with some wickedly catchy early-Sarah bursts of colour that perhaps often lean too much towards The Wake, but so what, eh?

The band have a new ep out on Avingnon pop label La Bulle Sonore, which features four tracks, including my favourites; the deeply new wave 'Je Suis Fatigue' (hey, I know what that means and everything!), and the beautiful 'Teen Whistle', which is my favourite and builds and builds to a point where you just want to let go and let it smother you. It's pretty lush.

It's these sort of Anglophiles that make my Franchophilia even worse.

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Knut said...

They also have a free single out on Holiday Records now: