Monday, 25 October 2010

Christmas-ish gig stuff

If, like me, you're already on full wind-down towards the sorry annual festival of eating too much, drinking ridiculously coloured drinks you'd normally turn your nose up at, and kissing your Nan on the lips that is Christmas, then you'll do anything to pretend it's nearly time to pack in work for a few days and do some quality sitting down.

... and breathe...

With this in mind, this year sees the return of the layer of chips Christmas Party. Past highlights have seen Pete Green playing whilst showing everyone his testicles through a unfortunate hole in his jeans, Jamie doing his Noddy Holder impression a bit too loudly inbetween songs so that everyone heard, and failing to give away a Jim Reeves record as a raffle prize. Oh, what laffs.

This year's shoddily arranged jamboree will feature the might of Standard Fare, The Felt Tips, The Sweet Nothings and Vom Vorton. It's all happening on Friday 26 November at The Chameleon in Nottingham. Get there for around 8pm and you won't miss anything at all.

You can register your interest by pretending you're coming at either the facebook page or the page. Don't bloody fib to me, alright?


Anonymous said...

Are there going to be tickets available for this? Just because I was thinking of making the trip from Leicester, so would hate to get there and find we couldn't get in!

A layer of chips said...

No, it'll just be pay on the door. And you'll get in, no bother! Email me if you'd like me to put your name on the door.

Anonymous said...

Many, thanks, I've dropped you an email.