Thursday, 21 October 2010

Northern Portrait - Life Returns to Normal (Matinee)

Light relief amongst the darkness comes my way today via the new Northern Portrait seven inch, as ever, on Matinee Records. Ironically, it's called 'Life Returns to Normal', which is probably pretty apt, but doesn't feel it right now.

Fear not, dear listener, for Nothern Portrait are here to swoon away you deepest woes. They might not be able to give you a secure job to pay the rent and the bills, but they can give us a song so lush, dreamy and life-affirming that it makes your author forget that he was mere yards from Cameron and Clegg today, and couldn't do a fucking thing about picking them up and chucking them in the Trent. It's the least they deserve.

The most you deserve, is another wonderful Northern Portrait song. And you've got it in spades. 'Life Returns to Normal' soars, it swoops, it tugs at your heartstrings. It's a love song about those people who are always there for you. If you're lucky enough to have those people, you're get this straight away. If you're not, take solace in a pretty perfect pop song and call it your best friend.

Download 'Life Returns to Normal' here.

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Ily said...

Thanks for this post...since I apparently live under the rock, I didn't even know Northern Portrait had a new(ish) full-length album. Just bought it!