Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Art is Hard

Happy December, chumps. And, if like me you're already tired of looking for Christmas gifts for people you don't really see all year, then you'll need something to divert your attention. I have just the thing.

Plymouth is hardly the centre of anything, but I'm hard pressed to think of any decent bands or record labels that have come from there. That might change with the advent of Art is Hard Records, whose second releases is a terribly exciting split single between Exeter's New Years Evil and Falmouth's - that's right, Falmouth's - The Black Tambourines (there's a clue to what they sound like in the question).

New Years Evil might have a ropey name but 'Shame' reminds me of a lot of late 80s/early 90s indie guitar pop, like The Family Cat, or maybe even a hint of Wedding Present, and has an ace, noisy ending. It's dreamy, nostalgic stuff for me, anyway.

The Black Tambourines 'Tommy' sounds particular now in a Frankie Rose/Neverever way. It's all about reverb and muffled vocals and atmospherics and rushed drums. And it's all pretty ace, really. They sound like they'd be pretty wonderful live, too.

Art is Hard are making this single a labour of love. They've been working with a number of their favourite south-west photographers and each 7" comes with an original print, as well as a full 5 track digital EP and a limited edition zine. Impressive stuff.

You can listen to both tracks here before you start ordering.

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