Monday, 20 February 2012

Shrag - Tendons in the Night (Fortuna Pop!)

Ever longed for that holy grail where The Fall meet Prolapse perfectly in the middle? Oh, come on - you must have. You need wait no longer, because Shrag's 'Tendons in the Night' is that song.

If this is a taster of what's on the new Shrag album then I'm in for a Spring of hiding indoors, crouched over the CD player, finger hovered over the repeat button, because 'Tendons in the Night' is the band's best single yet. Bob's deadpan delivery melds perfectly with Helen's hissyfit vocals across a strict background of clockwork drums, organ and squally guitar. The last 20 seconds in particular are just about the most exciting thing that's everey happened to me on a Monday.

This track, of course, is Shrag's half of their split single with Tunabunny, their upcoming tourmates. You can buy the single here. And you can - nay, YOU MUST - buy tickets for their upcoming Nottingham show with Horowitz here.

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