Saturday 11 February 2012

We Need Secrets

Cor, I'm tired after a brute of a week at work. So, it's nice when things like this come your way...

We Need Secrets are a completely brand new band from Halifax. No, not the mildly depressing Yorkshire town, but Halifax in that America.

As far as I can make out they're about to release their second single 'Melancholy' (a split with a band called Sea Glasses) on Noyes Records, after making their debut on the label in October of last year.

It'd be perfectly easy for me to regress back to being 16 again and say that We Need Secrets sound a lot like Ride, Chapterhouse and early Swervedriver, and in parts they do. But there's also a hint of mid-90s American pop thrown in here, with other influences including Velo-Deluxe and Polara - two bands who I was crazy for back then.

All in all, it's pretty lovely to hear people still making this kind of music, and 'Melancholy' is just that, but at the same time pretty life-affirming and direct and vital. And as catchy as anything.

Here's a video:

Melancholy - by We Need Secrets from Daniel MacDonald on Vimeo.

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