Thursday, 2 May 2013

Big Wave: Route one to your heart

The news that Big Wave are playing this year's Indietracks brightened up an otherwise glum month of April. The fact that they're playing a warm-up show for us in Nottingham on Indietracks-eve further cemented my love for them.

I asked Pete from the band a few questions about what it's like being from Torquay (as though it was another planet...)

Tell me how you all met each other, then.

We met years ago now! Rikki and Pete met through pals living in the same part of Torquay and started DJing in a local bar. The night became pretty popular and had a great social vibe, a lot of people met good friends and partners there… and it’s where Big Wave all met. At that point the band had a different name, drummer and keyboard player with quite a twee sound. Nip forward a few jobs, degrees, relationships and years and we are here today.

Torquay - a bit of a musical outpost, or is there some good stuff going on there? I got slightly obsessed with the Harvester near the Seaworld place when we went on holiday there last year...

Did you sit on the roof terrace? Its super lush, views like Monaco (honest!). It’s near one of our fave fishing spots, caught a bass there last year. As for the music, it’s bubbling along nicely at the moment. There are a few bands and producers who are getting out and about, picking up some well deserved recognition. Check out Jake Downs, he’s brill and featured in the video to ‘Only You’.

You've been around a couple of years now; who first started taking notice of the band?

Jeez has it been that long already! Wow, time does fly. The first people to take notice were probably local(ish) label Art is Hard; we put out a single track way ahead of anything else titled ‘Wild Strawberries’, they were kind enough to feature it on a compilation called ‘Dry Route to Devon’. Almost two years later we’re working together again on our latest single ‘Goldmine’, those guys are brill!

Do you all share similar taste in music, or is one of you a troublemaker?

When it comes to song writing and good old fashioned guitars, I would say we do all have a similar taste and that’s what brought the band together in the first place. You may find some of us in the darker, later, house-ier spots at this year’s Glastonbury though!

What's it like trying to put a single out these days? Easier than ever... or really, really hard?

It’s actually a lot of hard work. We all have 9-5s and are plodding away at forging something that resembles a career – one of the reasons along with location that we don’t play too many gigs. Perfecting the songs and learning to develop as musicians is a great way get away from that work vibe and who knows, one day, when the time is right, opportunity might come knocking.

As for putting a single out these days, it really is a matter of bringing together a lot of people who you meet on your musical journey. Recording engineers, record labels, artists, film makers then somehow pulling everyone’s efforts together at roughly the same point in time. It’s great when it all converges; we couldn’t do it without those people.

What’s been the best moment being in the band so far?

Top three if we can…
1. Getting into End of the Road for free…and playing ;
2. Shipping physical releases to all parts of the world, the lady in the post office always looks slightly flummoxed by packages to anywhere further away than Bristol.
3. Watching the Gmail notifications appear… you never know what’s in the inbox.

You all live in the same house, right? So, is it a bit like The Monkees?

There has been a bit of change recently. We had this sweet place overlooking the sea, but the landlord was kinda mad and it all came to an end before the evenings started getting lighter. Currently 4 of us live together; it’s a bit like the house in Neighbours where Toadie and the biker-chick lived… actually didn’t that one burn down?

Who are your other favourite bands?

Blondie, Abba, Aretha Franklin, Pulp, Fleetwood Mac

There's a bit in "Blissed Out" which really reminds me of another song, but I can't place it. Can you help me out?

Can’t help you there I’m afraid, if you do remember please let us know!

When's your album out, and what else is coming up?

We would love to push for an album this year, but there is no rush. We’re constantly writing and coming up with new material and hopefully soon we’ll manage to get into the studio for a longer chunk of time to make an album we’re happy with and that people will listen to.

If only we were 18 again...

Amen to that. I think.
Big Wave’s new single ‘Goldmine/GW Bridge’ is out now on the ace Art is Hard Records.

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